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Leading Edge Technology

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard of technology systems for our services. We have a variety of machines suited for a wide range of testing, meaning we’ll be able to fulfill any laboratory need you have. Explore our services and state-of-the-art machinery details below.

Chemistry / Immunology / Immunoassay

The Siemens Atellica Solution analyzer is a flexible, scalable, automation-ready immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzer engineered to deliver control and simplicity, allowing Professional Laboratory Services to drive better outcomes for customers.

  • Patented Atellica Magline®Transport: Rapid, bidirectional, variable speed sample transport that gives independent control over every sample, including STATs and special sample containers.
  • Multi-camera vision system with 360° view designed to reduce bar-code reading errors, exception handling and operator intervention.
  • Intelligent scheduling software that independently characterizes each sample and manages routine, STAT, and precious samples accordingly.
  • Guardian ProgramSM and Intelligent Service Assistant maintain system operations at peak performance.
  • Operator tablet provides system monitoring, control and access to live chat, voice and video remote support via Remote Assistance and built-in system wireless capability.
  • Atellica Asa™Application organizes and prioritizes operator tasks for Atellica® analyzers by streaming laboratory workflow, increasing efficiency and productivity.

The Atellica™CH 930 Analyzer is the Chemistry component on the Atellica Solutions analyzer. It utilizes proven micro-volume technology for photometric testing and highly reliable integrated multi-sensor technology for electrolyte testing. The reagent inventory management system helps improve department efficiency and turnaround times. Patented Atellica Magline®Transport: Rapid, bidirectional, variable speed sample transport that gives independent control over every sample, including STATs and special sample containers.

Atellica™CH 930 Analyzer
  • Up to 1800 tests per hour
  • Liquid-level sensing provides clot, bubble and short-sample detection on all specimens.
  • Onboard reagent capacity for 70 assays
  • Automatic tracking and notification of the number of remaining tests, onboard stability and expiration, calibration and storage conditions for each pack and well of reagents.
  • Review Advanced QC package with graphical display of QC in real time, including patient moving averages, Levey-Jennings plots, Westgard rules, RiliBAK rules; up to 125,000 control results can be stored or transmitted to a designated QC program.

The Atellica™IM 1300 Analyzer is engineered to be highly reliable for high productivity featuring built-in temperature control, automatic quality control and a broad and expanding menu.

Atellica™IM 1300 Analyzer
  • Up to 220 tests per hour
  • Proven acridinium ester (AE) technology
  • 42 primary assay positions and 35 ancillary reagent positions with refrigeration and humidity control.
  • Reagent inventory management with automatic tracking and notification of remaining tests, onboard stability and expiration, calibration and storage conditions for each reagent pack.
  • Sample management via Atellica®Sample Handler

The Atellica™Sample Handler is the sample processing component of the Atellica Solution and serves as the input/output interface. The patented Atellica Magline™ Transport connects all components in an integrated workflow.

Atellica™Sample Handler
  • High-capacity, automated, technologically advanced sample handling component that sets the new standard in sample management.
  • The unit accommodates more than 30 different container types
  • Capacity of up to 440 samples with a throughput of up to 500 samples per hour
  • Multi-camera vision system with 360° view
  • Integrates decapping into the analytical workflow of Atellica™Solution

The Sysmex XN 2000 features a high-performance design with new and extended reporting parameters. It allows for optimized efficiency of workflow, advanced clinical utility through the most advanced technologies and industry-leading reliability.

Sysmex XN 2000
  • Next Generation Diagnostics – Advanced clinical parameters including leukopoietic indicators, erythropoietic indicators and thrombopoietic indicators.
  • Harmonized Support – workflow assessment and optimization, comprehensive continuing education, Insight™ IQAP and Beyond CareSM Quality Monitor providing real-time peer group analytics and advanced troubleshooting assistance.
  • Advanced Tools and Technologies – Auto-validation, automatic workload balancing, rerun/reflex testing, Systmex Caresphere™ Workflow Solution and Sysmex Validation Solution provides effortless rule testing and reporting in cooperation with Caresphere WS.

Compact yet powerful, the Sysmex® CS-2500 System utilizes innovative smart-design PSI™ technology to maximize efficiency and ensure high-quality first-run results.

Sysmex® CS-2500 System
  • Simultaneous multiwavelength PSI technology is designed to minimize the effects of preanalytical errors, leading to more accurate patient results.
  • Lab-to-lab consistency for multisite patient monitoring, with sample result traceability for in-depth audit capabilities and sophisticated cap-piercing technology.
  • Uninterrupted workflow with flexible sampling capabilities, seamless testing for improved throughput, and maximum productivity due to minimal downtime and maintenance.

The Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer utilizes state of the art Ion-Exchange methodology of HbA1c measurement with less than 2% CVs and an analysis time of only 1.6 minutes.

Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer
  • Ion-exchange high performance liquid chromatography
  • Visible two-wavelength absorption
  • Direct determination of stable HbA1c results in 1.6 minutes for quick turnaround times
  • NGSP certified and traceable

The Beckman Coulter: iRICELL IQ 200 is an integrated urinalysis solution providing maximum productivity and efficiency with shortened turnaround times and standardized results.

Beckman Coulter iRICELL IQ 200
  • APR Software delivers standardized results for improved accuracy
  • Provides a complete picture of specimen status through multiple parameters for better insight
  • Quality results support better patient management
  • Intelligent software assists in screening negative samples by user defined criteria
  • Onscreen verification of results improves turnaround time

The Beckman Coulter DxM MicroScan microbiology system delivers trusted detection of emerging critical antimicrobial resistance with gold-standard MIC accuracy.

Beckman Coulter DxM MicroScan
  • Accurate detection of carbapenemase-resistant Enerobacer5iaceae (CRE) – a global, CDC-identified health risk
  • Advanced emerging-resistance detection for tough pathogens, including ESBL, MRSA, VRSA, VISA and VRE
  • Proven solutions through scientific expertise and proprietary antibiotic formulations
  • Automated atypical-results detection with Integrated labPro AlertEX for quick recognition and reporting
  • More treatment options for patient therapy with fewest clinically significant drug-bug limitations

The Abbott Alinity m is a fully integrated and automated molecular diagnostics analyzer that uses innovative technology to deliver the next level of flexibility and efficiency.

Abbott Alinity m
  • Innovative technology underpinned by robust design provides accurate, consistent results
  • Multiplex technology enables improved workflow and increased productivity
  • Uniformity drives standardization through simple, universal design elements
  • Proprietary RediFlex technology offers true random access without compromising turnaround time or throughput
  • 75 opportunities in approximately 8 hours to start a new assay, including STAT samples
  • Time to first result is less than 115 minutes
  • Up to 20 assays on-board at one time

SMART Process

Real-Time Reporting

LABDAQ is the leading laboratory information system in the United States. Building on more than 30 years of experience, LABDAQ has been installed in many different kinds of laboratories nationwide. The software provides Inventory Management, Workflow Management, Document Management, Specimen Storage and Data Mining to make the laboratory more efficient, allowing more time to be spent improving services to the clients.

What is measured is managed.

Access to YOUR tests using R2R®. Receipt 2 Results (R2R®) means you will be able to see the progress of a specimen every step of the way, from the time it is received in the laboratory until the result is available.

Get real-time reporting transparency. Always know the status of your results and check your information, exclusive data, and customized reports any time you need.

Our state-of-the-art technology is faster, smarter, better, cleaner, and more precise.